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Rules & Regulations for Wood County Plays Rubber Duck Drop:

  1. All purchased rubber ducks will be hoisted and dropped directly over a ten-foot diameter, circular target with a center point known as the bullseye.

  2. A number will be written on each rubber duck. Each duck will correspond to a specific number and purchaser. Purchasers will receive an email with a list of their duck numbers prior to the event. Prizes will be awarded to the person whose name appears on the rubber duck number log of the three (3) rubber ducks that land and come to rest closest to the center of the bullseye.

  3. Once the rubber ducks are dropped they are on their own within the drop zone. No attempt to guide, move or interfere with the rubber ducks is permitted. The drop will finish when the last rubber duck has settled on the ground.

  4. The three rubber ducks that come to rest closest to the bullseye’s center will be the Winning Ducks. Ducks that are considered close to the bullseye will be measure by three individual judges using a tape measure or ruler. The three ducks that are measured as the closest will be considered the winner.

  5. Prizes will be announced via Facebook Live following the event as well as posted on the Wood County Plays Facebook Page and webpage. Prizes are non-transferable.

  6. Wood County Plays (WCPlays) reserves the right to postpone and/or reschedule the event due to unforeseen circumstances, weather or other Act of God event.

  7. Wood County Plays and/or any sponsors, vendors or donors shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience which may result in any such postponement, rescheduling of the WCPlays Rubber Duck Drop. 

  8. All rubber ducks purchased and entered will be provided by and shall remain property of Wood County Plays

  9. The following prizes will be awarded. The amounts posted are the minimum amounts, but may be raised at the discretion of WCPlays based on the total number of rubber ducks sold. If the prize money and any additional prizes are added, they will be posted on the WCPlays Facebook Page and the WCPlays webpage

    • First Prize (minimum): $500.00

    • Second Prize (minimum): $250.00

    • Third Prize (minimum): $125.00

  10. In the event of a tie for any positions, the ducks that were tied will be placed into a bag or box. A single duck will be drawn at random from the bag or box. The duck that is drawn will be the winner of the prize.

  11. Prizes are guaranteed for two weeks from the WCPlays Rubber Duck drop date. if prizes are not claimed after 2 weeks, the money will be donated to WCPlays.

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