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Flex your brainpower for a good cause. Gather your team of up to 6 people for an evening of general trivia questions. Compete for bragging rights while raising money to build the next Inclusive Playground in Fostoria! Bring your A-game and get ready for a memorable night of laughter and friendly competition!

$300 Per Team

Up to 6 people per team

Trivia Night Rules & Details

  • The event will consist of (2) rounds of trivia. Each round of trivia will include a Regular Round, Brain Teaser Round, and Final Round.

  • The Regular Round will consist of ten general trivia questions. The emcee will announce the categories for each question before the start of the game.

  • Each team submits their answers on point sheets valued between 1 and 10. Teams can only use each point value once per game, so teams can wager higher points when they are confident in an answer or strategically hold higher point values for categories; they are experts. Point wagers of 1-10 are determined at the time of the question and are not assigned all at once.

  • The Emcee will read questions aloud via a microphone. Teams have 2-3 minutes per question to submit their answer and wager to the Trivia Committee. It's important to note that using smartphones, tablets, or seeking outside assistance is prohibited; however, one mulligan can be purchased and used per round to help your team seem brighter and increase some points!

  • After the Regular Round, the Emcee will kick off the Brain Teaser round, consisting of four rapid-fire questions, all following the same category. Each correct answer from the Brain Teaser Round will be worth 2 points each.

  • After the Brain Teaser Round, the Trivia Committee will update scores and team standings. Once the updates have been given, the emcee will announce a Final Round category. Each team will be given 1-2 minutes to submit a final wager of points to the Trivia Committee.

  • After all wagers are submitted, the Emcee reads the final question. Each team submits its answers. If the team answers correctly, the Final Round wager is added to the team’s score. If the answer is incorrect, the wager is subtracted from the score.

  • Final answers will be scored, and the top team will be announced and declared the champions!



If you’re worried about your team’s skills, give your team guaranteed points. Mulligans can be purchased for $20 each. One Mulligan can be used for each round of trivia (2 mulligans per team maximum). When necessary, place a mulligan sticker on your point card and submit it to the Trivia Committee for the points to be added to the score!

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